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The Medical Staff Ride: an education tool for military medical leadership development
  1. Martin C M Bricknell
  1. Correspondence to Brigadier Martin C M Bricknell, Ministry of Defence, 6.E.08, Main Building, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB, UK; SG-DMed-MedOpCap-Hd{at}


This paper provides a description of the Medical Staff Ride as an educational tool for military medical leadership. It is based upon two Medical Staff Rides covering the Somme Campaign 1916 and the Normandy Campaign 1944. It describes the key educational activity ‘The Stand’ at which history and current issues are brought together through study of a particular location on the historical battlefield. The Medical Staff Ride can be divided into six distinct phases, each of which have common question sets for analysis by attendees. The Medical Staff Ride can be shown to have valuable educational outcomes that are efficient in time and cost, and effective in achieving personal learning. The supporting Readers for the two Medical Staff Rides covered by this paper are available as electronic supplement to this edition of the journal.


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