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Traumatic Quadriceps Muscle Tears Among Israeli Special Forces Soldiers
  1. Major Tal Marom, MD, Medical Branch1,
  2. D Itskoviz1,
  3. S Kutikov1,
  4. JMD Naftal, Ultrasound Unit2 and
  5. I Ostfeld1
  1. 1Ground Forces Command, Israel Defense Forces, Israel
  2. 2Medical Corps, Israel Defense Forces, Israel
  1. c/o 4, Kalman Bialer Street, 76661 Rehovot, Israel (+) 972-57-8175075 (+) 972-8-8619483 maromtal{at}


Patients And Methods Five Israeli Defense Forces Special Forces soldiers who were diagnosed with partial quadriceps muscle tears, following a “low-kick” exercise, aimed to the thigh, during “hand-to-hand combat” training. Diagnosis and follow-up were made using thigh sonography.

Results Symptoms duration before diagnosis was 20.6±9.41 days (mean± SD, range: 7-35). Two of the soldiers were found to have myositis ossificans at the affected site, a known complication of muscle trauma. Treatment regime included a long rest and intensive physiotherapy, with a gradual return to active service. Downtime from diagnosis was 55.8±17.3 days (mean±SD, range: 24-73). All patients eventually fully recovered and returned to active service.

Conclusion Quadriceps muscle tear is a rare injury with a delayed presentation and diagnosis in highly motivated soldiers. Sonography facilitates diagnosis and monitoring of healing. Early diagnosis may decrease morbidity and allow earlier return to work.

  • Keywords: traumatic tear, quadriceps muscle, hand-to-hand combat

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