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Development of pre-deployment primary healthcare training for Combat Medical Technicians
  1. Iain T Parsons,
  2. M P Rawden and
  3. R J Wheatley
  1. 5 Medical Regiment, Army, Catterick, UK
  1. Correspondence to Maj R J Wheatley, Army, 5 Medical Regiment, Gaza Barracks, Catterick Garrison, North Yorkshire, DL94DP, UK; 5Med-FSSqn-OC{at}


Introduction To develop and run a primary healthcare (PHC) refresher package to address the range of clinical presentations to Combat Medical Technicians (CMTs) on deployment and improve their confidence and capability in providing PHC for Op Herrick 18, with particular regard to the first month of deployment.

Methods A regimental level, two-and-a-half day refresher package was developed following analysis of PHC conditions most likely to be seen on Op HERRICK 18. It consisted of lectures and skill stations with written and case-based assessment phases to demonstrate effective and safe use of CMT clinical protocols on simulated patients. Internal feedback assessed the CMT's subjective understanding of each individual section. A qualitative questionnaire was used to retrospectively evaluate the package after 1 month of deployment.

Results Immediate feedback showed that the refresher training was well received. Following the first month of deployment, CMTs who had attended the PHC refresher package felt more confident in managing PHC patients and felt they had received training for the majority of PHC conditions witnessed during their deployment in comparison with CMTs who had not.

Discussion By delivering a training package acceptable to the majority of medics, we have increased the confidence and capability of CMTs in delivering PHC within the context of their protocols and prepared them for their first month of deployment. It suggests that PHC delivery can be improved by such a package and consideration should be given to formalising this into a military training qualification.

  • Primary Care
  • Medical Education & Training
  • Education & Training (see Medical Education & Training)

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