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The management of genitourinary war injuries: a multidisciplinary consensus
  1. Davendra M Sharma,
  2. on behalf of the Genitourinary Working Group (Trauma)
  1. Correspondence to
    Wg Cdr Davendra Sharma, St Georges Hospital NHS Trust, UK; dsharma1{at}


Genitourinary injuries as a result of current warfare may be severe and result in significant long term morbidity. There is no high quality evidence to guide management and the logistics involved require the development of bespoke management strategies. The multidisciplinary Genitourinary Working Group (Trauma) has the remit of leading this service, primarily addressing the management of casualties in the medical evacuation chain of the Defence Medical Services of the UK. The recommendations made are based mainly upon expert opinion and are intended to provide guidance to the deploying surgeon and the teams that manage these casualties thereafter.

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