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Limb Salvage of Severely Injured Extremities After Military Wounds
  1. Kate V Brown, MA BMBCh MRCS MSc Dip SEM, Academic Department of Military Surgery and Trauma1,
  2. P Henman, Orthopaedic Department2,
  3. S Stapley1 and
  4. JC Clasper1
  1. 1ICT Research Park, Vincent Drive, Birmingham katevbrown{at}
  2. 2Royal Victoria Infirmary, Newcastle upon Tyne


Severely wounded extremities following battlefield injuries present a surgical dilemma to military surgeons of whether to attempt salvage or amputate the limb. There are many considerations to be made, including local and systemic patient factors, other wounded personnel and logistical constraints. Attempts have been made previously to form objective scoring criteria so as to remove possible subjectivity in this decision-making process. Furthermore, paediatric patients present their own particular dilemmas. This paper examines these various matters and, with contemporaneous evidence, presents recommendations for management.

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