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Force Generation – Deployment-aligned MIACs
  1. A Colvine, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist1
  1. 1RRU Bulford (Wessex Region), Ward Gymnasium, Kashmir Road, Bulford Camp, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP4 9LS 01980672709 01980673477 APHCSWXBULRRUPhysio3{at}


As the pressure mounts to supply more ground forces in Afghanistan, the Defence Medical Services (DMS) are directly supporting surge activity through ensuring the provision of deployable personnel. Delivery of this goal requires a change in the practice, focus and resources of the DMS. Identification, treatment and rehabilitation of injured service personnel is a priority in improving the pool of personnel available for deployment on Operations. This paper details the drivers, process and potential benefits of aligning Multi-Disciplinary Injury Assessment Clinic’s activity with a unit’s formation readiness cycle, to more appropriately and proactively manage injured service personnel to improve both the quality and quantity of Force Generation.

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