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Critical Care of Military Burn Casualties at Role 3 Facilities
  1. Lt Col Duncan Parkhouse, RAMC, Consultant Anaesthetist1
  1. 116 Medical Regiment, 16 Air Assault Brigade and Consultant Anaesthetist St Andrews Centre for Burns and Plastic Surgery Broomfield Hospital, Mid Essex NHS Trust, Chelmsford Essex
  1. St Andrews Centre for Burns and Plastic surgery, Broomfield Hospital, Mid Essex NHS Trust, Chelmsford, Essex 01245 514080 d.hparkhouse{at}


Burn casualties will inevitably occur in the military environment during both conflict and peacetime. The number and type of casualties will vary on the nature of warfare and the type of troops deployed. New preventative measures have decreased the number and severity of burns found on the battlefield however with new weapon systems casualties suffering from thermal injuries are still to be expected in modern warfare. Over the last 4 decades great advances have been made in the treatment of thermal injuries. These advances are reviewed here with emphasis on those that can be accomplished in the Role 3 facility by non-specialist clinicians. It is beyond the scope of this review to produce didactic treatment protocols but it is hoped that in the near future Clinical Guidelines for Operations will soon reflect these. Where advances have occurred that can not be mirrored in the field hospital early evacuation to specialist facilities back at Role 4 facilities should be a priority.

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