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The Use of Opioids During Rehabilitation after Combat-Related Trauma
  1. Lt Col S Jagdish, MB, BS, MRCA, RAMC1 and
  2. D Aldington2
  1. 133 Field Hospital, Fort Blockhouse, Gosport
  2. 2The Pain Relief Unit, Churchill Hospital, OXFORD
  1. 33 Fd Hospital, Fort Blockhouse, GOSPORT, PO122ABJ 207jagdi{at}


Opioids constitute an important component of analgesic regimens and in the UK military, they are used throughout the journey of the wounded soldier. Concerns have been expressed about their usefulness and potential adverse effects when they are continued beyond the acute phase into rehabilitation. The current literature regarding opiod usage during rehabilitation is reviewed in order to provide evidence based recommendations for practice with particular relevance to recentmilitary experience.

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