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An Unusual Presentation Of Metastatic Testicular Tumour
  1. Surg Lt Cdr S J Barton, MBBS RN, SHO in Surgery1,
  2. Mr DA Ashdown, MRCS, Urology Research Registrar,
  3. Mr S Ganta, FRCS, Urology Specialist Registrar and
  4. Mr Michael Wallace, FRCS (Urol), Consultant Urological Surgeon2
  1. 1Drsarahbarton{at}
  2. 2The Department of Uriology Queen Elizabeth Hospital Edgbaston Birmingham B29 6JD


We report a unique case of metastatic malignant teratoma from an undescended testis which presented with acute pulmonary embolism. After chemotherapy, the undescended right testicle was resected along with a cord of non-obstructing inferior venal caval tumour which extended into the right atrium with tumour floating free within the atrium at the end of the cord of tumour. The presentation, diagnosis and treatment of testicular tumours is described and the literature pertaining to testicular tumours in military personnel reviewed.

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