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The Evolution Of Casualty Evacuation In The 20th Century (Part 5) - Into The Future
  1. Lt Col MCM Bricknell, DM MMedSci MRCGP MFOM MFPHM DMCC DRCOG RAMC, Chief Instructor1
  1. 1Defence Medical Services Training Centre, Keogh Barracks, Ash Vale, Aldershot, Hants, GU12 5RQ. mcm.bricknell{at}


This is the final part of a series of papers that review the evolution of the military casualty evacuation system in the 20th Century. This paper draws together the themes that have been presented in the previous papers to describe the mandatory functions of such a system. The forward surgical hospital is the key treatment node if wounded soldiers are to have the maximum chance of survival. Suggestions are made for the minimum size, organisation and clinical capability of such a military medical unit. However, the majority of military casualties are likely to be less seriously injured or non-trauma cases. The casualty evacuation system must also have sufficient capacity to accommodate these patients.

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