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An Audit Of Territorial Army Medical Grades On Presentation For Mobilisation And Full Time Reserve Service At RTMC Chilwell
  1. Maj L J Wright, RAMC, Specialist Registrar1 and
  2. Lt Col J P Owen, RAMC, Consultant2
  1. 1Occupational Medicine, Reserves Training and Mobilisation Centre, Chetwynd Barracks, Chilwell, Nottingham NG9 5HA
  2. 2Occupational Medicine, Army Medical Directorate, Former Army Staff College, Slim Road, Camberley, Surrey GU15 4NP


An audit was carried out on a cohort of Territorial Army (TA) personnel passing through RTMC in order to assess the quality of their previous medical assessments compared to that undertaken at the time of their mobilisation. The results confirmed the high downgrading rate (18%) amongst TA personnel compared to previous studies that identified grading error rates of 6–6.5% amongst Regular Army personnel. Errors in the entry medical assessments for TA personnel were also identified in nearly half (44%) of records examined. Possible solutions are identified through improved education of examining medical officers and by increasing the pre-deployment time available to obtain specialist referrals. A case is also made for having improved access to previous medical information, both to improve the quality of the predeployment medical screening and to ensure appropriate continuity of care for deployed TA personnel.

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